1. If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb on campus, Do Not Handle The Object!

Clear the area and immediately call local Police Services.

2. Any person receiving a bomb threat by phone should ask the caller:

  • a. Exact location of the bomb (building, floor, room, etc.)
  • b. Time bomb is set to go off
  • c. Kind of bomb, timing device, etc.


3. Keep talking to the caller as long as possible and record the following:

  • a. Date and time of call
  • b. Location of alleged bomb
  • c. Detonation time
  • d. Type of bomb
  • e. Speech patterns, accent, lisp, or other distinguishing characteristics
  • f. Background noises
  • g. General emotional state of caller: angry, upset, calm, nervous, laughing
  • h. Critical statements made by caller


4. Immediately notify UVM Police Services.

5. If the threat of an explosion is imminent, evacuate the building by activating the fire alarm.

6. Evacuate by the nearest available exit. Do not use elevators. If disabled personnel cannot safely evacuate the building, assist them to the nearest uninvolved stairwell. Alert emergency personnel and/or Building Coordinator of their location.

7. Once outside, go to the designated evacuation site. If this location is unavailable, move to a safe area that is at least 500 feet away from the affected building. Keep driveways and sidewalks clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.

8. Do not return to evacuated building until instructed to by proper authorities.

9. Classroom leaders insure that students evacuate the classroom and should ask students to sign in at evacuation point to ensure everyone is evacuated.