Fire and Life Safety


  • Call 911 from a campus phone or (802) 656-3473  (656-FIRE)
  • Evacuate immediately using the nearest safe exit
  • Keep important items with you (keys, CatCard, cell phone.)
  • Close room or office doors behind you
  • Do not use elevators
  • If you encounter fire or smoke, try another exit
  • If you cannot avoid smoke, stay close to the floor
  • Proceed to designated meeting place
  • Do not re-enter until authorized


ALWAYS EVACUATE FOR FIRE ALARMS.  Prior notice will be given when system testing is taking place.

The University Fire Marshal, part of the Department of Risk Management and Safety, works to prevent the loss of life and property due to fire.  Activities include fire safety education and training, review of building projects and events, and the oversight of fire protection systems installation, testing and maintenance. 

NOTICE:  Effective January 2016 UVM has banned hoverboards from all residence halls due to risk of fire and explosion.  Read the Consumer Product Safety Commission statement on hoverboard safety here.

Click here for a 3-minute video from UVM's  Fire Marshall demonstrating the proper use of a fire extinguisher.  This video was produced by Across the Fence, a program of UVM's Extension Service.


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