Safety and Miller Research and Education Center

The Paul Miller Research Center is located at 500 Spear Street in South Burlington, VT activities emphasize dairy research, equine sciences, mammary biology, milk quality, biosecurity and safety.       

The Ellen A. Hardacre Equine Center, located on the northern edge of the complex hosts a student run equine cooperative which contains 22 horse stalls, a tack room, horse shower and an inside riding arena. Students bring their horses to UVM while they are enrolled in classes to pursue equine interests with their own animals.

The CREAM Program (Cooperative for Real Education in Agriculture Management) is a two semester hands-on experience for students learning to manage an actual dairy herd. Pre-vet, and other students, practice all aspects of bovine care, milking, care for young calves and make business decisions associated with managing a real herd.  Chores are performed by students seven days a week.

UVM Extension has several resources on their Healthy Farms website: 

Farm Assessment and Biosecurity Planning   

Animal Biosecurity

General Biosecurity

Guide to Farm Disinfectants

Farm Disease Fact Sheets

Sharps Safety (click on poster to download!)



Risk Management and Safety works with the CREAM Supervisor and students to provide safety training of Miller Farm hazards.