Jericho Research Forest


Jericho Research Forest is located on 478 acres of former agricultural land in the town of Jericho, Vermont. Acquired by the University of Vermont in 1941, it is managed by the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, and is utilized extensively by the Forestry Department for both research and education.

The Jericho Research Forest landscape sits astride the transition between the Winooski River valley and the foothills of the Green Mountains. The topography is both rugged and diverse, with steep slopes, sandy terraces, and bedrock outcrops. The underlying bedrock is composed primarily of metamorphic schists and graywackes, while the surficial geology is a diversity of glacial till, lake bottom sediments, recent alluvium, and deltaic sands. The forests types at JRF include northern hardwoods, rich northern hardwoods, white pine - red maple, red oak - northern hardwoods, hemlock, and pine plantations.