Horticulture Research and Education Center

UVM's Horticulture Research and Education Center (HREC) is a 97-acre facility used for agricultural research and education by UVM's Department of Plant & Soil Science, Continuing and Distance Education's Farmer Training Program and by professional plant organizations and local gardening groups.  For over 50 years, University horticulturists have been testing new and unusual plants and fruits for their adaptation to the Vermont environment, especially to cold Vermont winters.

Those conducting research or working at the HRC should complete the online Horticulture Research Farm Safety Training.

Depending on your job duties or the type of work you will be performing at the HREC, there may be additional safety trainings required. Task-specific or equipment-specific training is also required by the farm manager and or specific program Supervisors.  Those driving UVM-owned vehicles, including tractors, must also complete Driver Safety Training.

Risk Management and Safety can provide in person classroom safety training as requested. 

See the Train and Inform Personnel webpage to access online training.

Anyone who will be grinding materials in the WIley Mill in the HREC Apple Shed should contact safety@uvm.edu to discuss respirator use.