Safety for Field Work and Farm Operations

Learning environments at UVM often bring faculty, staff and students to a vast array of local, national and international locations for academic pursuits and research. These locations may include:

  • forests
  • mountains
  • farms
  • fields
  • waterways


The Department of Risk Management and Safety works in partnership with individuals and groups both on and off-campus to assess the risks in these types of settings so that work may be done using proper controls and best safety practices.

Farms, such as the UVM's Miller Research Complex, Horticulture Research Center and Morgan Horse Farm come with unique safety hazards unlike those in a typical wet lab situation. Jericho Research Forest and Proctor Maple Research Center are also off campus locations where both outdoor and indoor research is being conducted.

All of these locations are considered "laboratories" as defined by UVM's Laboratory Health & Safety Policy and must adhere to the requirements of UVM's overall Laboratory Safety Program.

General field safety guidelines and information can be found at

Follow the link below to review safety programs at the specific outdoor research location that interests you: 

Miller Research and Education Center

Horticulture Research and Education Center

Morgan Horse Farm

Jericho Research Forest

Proctor Maple Research Center