Call 911 to report any emergency.  

911 from a UVM campus landline phone (e.g. 656-####) will be answered at UVM's Police Services e-911 center.

911 from other phones (cell phones) will be answered by the nearest available e-911 center. Most likely, this will be the Vermont State Police barracks in Williston, VT.   If you are calling from a UVM building, be sure to immediately identify yourself as calling from University of Vermont so they will patch in UVM Police to the call.

Calling 911 can dispatch a local fire truck and ambulance.

Non-Critical Service Needs

If your lab or building has a non-critical service need (e.g. serious plumbing leak, electrical outlet sparking, unusual indoor odor) and you need someone from Physical Plant department or Safety staff to respond swiftly, call UVM Service Operations (SOS) at  656-2560, press 1 to speak to a dispatcher.

SOS can page Facilities and/or Safety staff and someone will respond swiftly.

Additional information relating to a campus-wide emergency can be found at the UVM Emergency Management website.