Building, IAQ and Egress

Building-Related Safety Concerns

Many safety concerns focus on general building conditions.  Campus personnel may notice that a stair tread has come loose, that clutter or bicycles are blocking an egress. or that the air quality within a building is concerning.  These safety concerns are usually addressed by UVM's Department of Physical Plant, Department of Custodial Services, Department of Risk Management & Safety (RM&S) or a team of people from several departments.

Emergency:  If you perceive smoke, an imminent threat of fire, or a sudden onset of unexplained symptoms that affect several people in an area, Consider that an emergency and Call 911,

Non-Urgent Work Requests:  Minor repairs that are not likely to cause immediate harm to personnel or damage to buildings should be scheduled through PPD's FAMIS work order system.

Urgent Work Requests:  Water releases, blocked egresses and other immediate maintenance needs should be reported to Service Operations Support by calling (802) 656-2560 and selecting "1" from the phone menu.

Indoor Air Quality and Odors:  Unexplained odors or isolated and non-severe symptoms that appear suddenly should be reported to Service Opeartions Support by calling (802) 656-2560 and selecting "1" from the phone menu.  Long-term, sub-acute and non-sever concerns about indoor environemtal qualitys should be directed to

Tobacco and Cigarette Odors:  As of August 1, 2015, UVM is a tobacco-free campus. This includes any tobacco product, such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, and chewing tobacco (see UVM's full Smoking Policy). Due to the quick nature of smoking activities, there are no "Smoking Police" on campus.  All personnel are encouraged to implement the policy.