University of Vermont

Dr. Josh Bongard invited to attend 2008 Frontiers of Engineering symposium

Dr. Josh BongardDr. Josh Bongard from the Department of Computer Science in UVM's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) has been invited by the National Academy of Engineering to attend the 2008 Frontiers of Engineering symposium in Albuquerque, NM, to be held Sept. 18-20, 2008. "The invitation is geared to assist in increasing recognition for Dr. Bongard's engineering achievements," says Cecile Gonzalez of the National Academy of Engineering. CEMS Dean Domenico Grasso agrees, adding that the invitation "speaks to the research accomplishments of the talented professionals on our faculty." In 2007 Professor Bongard received the prestigious and highly competitive New Faculty Fellowship and a $200,000 award from Microsoft Research for his robotics research with self-healing robots. Only five such awards are given nationwide. Bongard's areas of expertise are evolutionary robotics, evolutionary computation, and physical simulation. Funding will be used by Bongard in his efforts to create robots that can learn simple tasks and combine them into more sophisticated behaviors such as transporting objects and building simple structures. For more information on his research, see Josh Bongard's website.