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Local Youths Recognized at 4-H Achievement Night

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Middlebury--On Nov. 17 area 4-H'ers gathered at Mary Hogan School in Middlebury for the annual Addison County 4-H Achievement Night.

The evening marked the culmination of the 4-H year where members who have worked hard in their project areas received recognition for their efforts. Critter Creek 4-H Club of Addison and Mountain View 4-H Club of Bridport hosted the event, which was attended by 39 youths, 14 leaders and 17 guests. Emcees were Courtney Curler and Katherine Whipple, both from Bridport.

Salisbury 4-H'er Nicholas Sheldrick, a member of the Salisbury Swamp Riders, was named Outstanding Member of 2018. Three 4-H'ers received $50 each from the Addison County 4-H Foundation to be used for their projects. They were Wyatt Kennett, Middlebury; Lydia Raymond, Charlotte; and Emma Reen, Lincoln.

Several awards, based on project work and record books, were presented to deserving youths throughout the evening. Certificates of Participation were given for a minimum of six to eight hours of work in a specific project with Certificates of Excellence for eight or more hours of project work including presentations beyond the club level.

To earn a medal, the 4-H'ers must have previously earned a Certificate of Excellence in that project, be enrolled in the project for more than two years and participated beyond the club level. Certificates of Continued Achievement are presented to 4-H'ers for continued medal-level achievements after receipt of a medal.


  • Community service: Bethany Orvis, Middlebury
  • Dairy: Renee Bolduc, New Haven; Bethany Orvis, Middlebury; Michael Plouffe, Bridport; Averi Salley, Ferrisburgh
  • Equine: Lauren Hodsden, Bridport; McKenna White, Shoreham


  • Community service: Renee Bolduc, New Haven
  • Dairy: Jonathan Flores-Torres, Bridport; Colin Foster, Middlebury; Isabelle Gilley, Bristol; Karissa Livingston, New Haven; Abigail Reen, Lincoln; Brianna VanderWey, Ferrisburgh; Morgan White, Shoreham


  • Beef: Natalie Atkins, Lincoln; Reigin Gracie, Bristol; Michael Plouffe and Erin and Katherine Whipple, all from Bridport
  • Community service: Natalie Atkins and Abigail Reen, both from Lincoln; Isabelle Gilley and Reigin Gracie, both from Bristol; Andrew Lester, Ferrisburgh; Brailey, Karissa, Mason and Ryle-Mae Livingston, New Haven; Michael Plouffe, Bridport
  • Dairy: Calvin Almedia, Addison; Natalie Atkins, Lincoln; Courtney Curler and Emma Oliver, both from Bridport; Reigin Gracie, Bristol; Rosa Kehoe, Middlebury; Andrew Lester, Ferrisburgh; Brailey, Mason and Ryle-Mae Livingston, New Haven
  • Equine: Catara Doner, Cornwall; Lea Krause, Addison; Emma Reen, Lincoln; Shyanne Wedge, Shoreham
  • Food and Nutrition: Michael Plouffe, Bridport
  • Leadership: Brianna VanderWey, Ferrisburgh


  • Beef: Rosa Kehoe, Middlebury; Alexis Whipple, Bridport
  • Community service: Colin Foster, Middlebury; Brianna VanderWey, Ferrisburgh
  • Dairy: David Bertrand, Whiting; Dylan and Joe Mason, New Haven
  • Equine: Randy Cameron and Serena Welch, both from Shoreham; Sadie James, Bristol; Olivia Quinn, Brandon; Sage and Shelby Stevers, New Haven
  • Food and Nutrition: Jasmine Beenen, Addison
  • Leadership: McKenna White, Shoreham
  • Poultry: Nicholas Sheldrick, Salisbury
  • Rabbit: Georgia Kruse, Addison
  • Sewing: Alexis Whipple, Bridport

In addition, High Horse Points awards were presented to high achievers in the equine project. Points are determined by individual rankings at three club horse shows during the year although 4-H'ers also need to submit completed record books to qualify.

Winners were: Beginner: Champion--Sage Stevers, New Haven; Reserve Champion--Randy Cameron, Shoreham; Advanced Beginner: Champion--Shelby Stevers, New Haven; Junior: Champion--Sadie James, Bristol; Reserve Champion--Emma Reen, Lincoln; Senior: Champion--McKenna White, Shoreham; Reserve Champion--Lauren Hodsden, Bridport

Several adult leaders were recognized for their years of service. They were: 5 years: Erin Farr, Richmond; Krista Hunt, Vergennes; Barbara Palmer, Weybridge; Cady White, Shoreham; 10 years: Heather Mattison, Whiting; Jill Wade, New Haven; 15 years: Kylie Chittenden, Shoreham; 20 years: Cindy Kayhart, New Haven; 25 years: Kathy Nisun and Susan Quesnel, both from Salisbury; and 40 years: Diane Norris, Shoreham.

For Achievement Night each club prepared a basket of items for a raffle with proceeds going to the Addison County 4-H Foundation. They also put together baskets for the Addison County Humane Society and HOPE in Middlebury. Everyone at the event voted for their favorite basket with the People's Choice Award going to Mountain View 4-H Club, whose basket for the humane society contained a homemade cat tree and various treats.

The evening included a potluck dinner, Jeopardy-style game with questions on 4-H and projects presented by Mountain View 4-H'ers and a chance to correctly guess the number of objects in one of several jars to win that jar.

To learn more about 4-H in Addison County, contact Martha Seifert, UVM Extension 4-H educator, at (802) 388-4969, ext. 355.