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October Gardening Tips

Image courtesy Opera originale, Rinina25, Twice25; from Wikimedia Commons.

Growing Clivia and other October Gardening Tips

Growing clivia, planting garlic, and digging dahlia tubers are some of the gardening tips for this month. Read More >>

Preparing Roses for Winter

While these methods don’t guarantee your rose plants will survive, they’ll surely help those that are marginally hardy. Read More >>

Benefits of Using Plants Indoors

Studies have shown that plants in homes and workplaces help reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance employee attitudes, lower operating costs, help in “green building” design, and improve air quality. Read More >>

Easy Houseplants—Rubber Plant

If you want a tough indoor plant that tolerates a range of conditions and stresses, including neglect, then the rubber plant may be a good choice if you have space for a medium to large plant.  Read More >>

Moles and Voles, and Their Controls

Knowing something about these garden pests—what they eat and where they live—may help in their control. Read More >>