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September/October Gardening Tips

Houseplant Care and other September Gardening Tips

Acclimatizing houseplants, dividing daylilies, and controlling slugs are some of the garden activities for this month. Read More >>

Consider Fritillaries this Fall

These less common spring-flowering bulbs that you plant in the fall, as you would the more common daffodils and tulips, come in various colors and heights with bell-shaped flowers. Read More >>

Storing Fruits and Vegetables

Storing your own fruits and vegetables at home at the end of the growing season, following a few simple guidelines, will enable you to have food of good nutrition and flavor into the fall and winter. Read More >>

Autumn Perennial Garden Questions

Here are a few questions that you may have for this season if you grow herbaceous perennial flowers, and answers. Read More >>

Compost, Don’t Burn

Instead of burning leaves or stuffing them in garbage bags for the trash haulers to take away, compost this excellent soil conditioner. Read More >>