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Vermont 4-H Debuts New Goat Contests

Participants in the first ever Vermont 4-H Goat Skill-a-thon and Quiz Bowl, June 28, in Newbury were Front row (left to right): Tristan Harrington, Westminster; Emma Dekle, Waterford; Luke Morrison, Danville. Middle row: Violet Tuckerman, South Woodstock; Reese Gainer, Lunenburg; Liviya Russo, Lunenburg; Noah Buhner, Newbury; Jason Lewis, Danville; Grace Denio, Waterford; Zoe Buhner, Newbury; Connor Harrington, Westminster (gray-striped shirt); Madelyn Durkee, Thetford. Back row: Lillie Tuckerman, South Woodstock; Alycia Gainer, Lunenburg; Bobby Brown, Gilman; Eden Morris, Northfield; Bridget Denio, Waterford; Emma Buhner, Newbury. (photo: Anthony Willey/UVM Extension 4-H)

Newbury--University of Vermont (UVM) Extension 4-H sponsored its first ever Goat Skill-a-thon and Quiz Bowl, June 28, in Newbury.

The statewide competition was open to all youths, ages 8 to 18, including non-4-H'ers, and 4-H Cloverbuds, ages 5 to 7. It was held at the Newbury Elementary School and hosted by the Caledonia 4-H Foundation and the Caledonia Critters and Kids 4-H Club, Danville.

All 18 participants participated in the skill-a-thon, which consisted of five learning stations where the youths learned about goat breeds, gestation and birth, toxic plants, desired traits for a championship doe or buck and goat management tools. Stations were designed by 4-H'ers Lillie and Violet Tuckerman, both from South Woodstock and members of the Stone Blossoms 4-H Club, and Carolyn Morrison, adult leader of the Caledonia Critters and Kids 4-H Club.

Only the older youths competed in quiz bowl, buzzing in answers to questions in a game show-type format, and earning points for correct answers. Rankings for the quiz bowl were:

  • SENIORS (14 and up): Lillie Tuckerman, South Woodstock (first); Bridget Denio, Waterford (second); Emma Buhner, Newbury, and Eden Morris, Northfield (third-place tie)
  • JUNIORS (12-13): Liviya Russo, Lunenburg (first); Alycia Gainer, Lunenburg (second); Grace Denio,¬†Waterford, and Violet Tuckerman, South Woodstock (third-place tie); Madelyn Durkee, Thetford (fourth)
  • JUNIORS (10-11): Reese Gainer, Lunenburg (first); Bobby Brown, Gilman, and Zoe Buhner, Newbury (second-place tie); Connor Harrington, Westminster (third)

Five 4-H Cloverbuds also attended the event, participating only in the skill-a-thon. They were Noah Buhner, Newbury; Emma Dekle, Waterford; Tristan Harrington, Westminster; and Jason Lewis and Luke Morrison, Danville.

Coordinators for the event were Anthony Willey, UVM Extension 4-H educator for Caledonia and Lamoille Counties; Wendy Sorrell, UVM Extension 4-H livestock educator; and Carolyn Morrison, Caledonia Critters and Kids 4-H Club.

To learn more about the Vermont 4-H Goat Program, contact Anthony Willey at (802) 751-8307, ext. 357.