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May Gardening Tips

2018 is the Year of the Calibrachoa. Image courtesy National Garden Bureau,

Recycling Coffee Wastes and other May Gardening Tips

Recycling coffee wastes, waiting to move spring-flowering bulbs, and getting rid of tent caterpillars in fruit trees are some of the gardening activities for this month. Read More >>

Tree Fruit Pests

Being ready for three common pests if you have crabapples, flowering cherries, and fruit trees, and knowing cultural controls, will help you have better fruit with the least harm to the environment. Read More >> 

Grow Vertical Vegetables

If you are limited on garden space, lack time to tend a large garden, have physical challenges gardening, or just want to try something novel, grow some vegetables vertically. Read More >>

More Than Just Lilac

You may not realize that by planting different selections of lilacs— old-fashioned and easily grown shrubs— that you can have blooms for six weeks or more, and that they come in many colors other than lilac. Read More >>

Calibrachoa—Annual Flower of the Year

Resembling miniature petunias, only less dense and more colorful, calibrachoa is commonly seen in garden stores in spring, and is particularly good in hanging baskets and containers. Read More >>