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Different Paths to Success through UVM Continuing and Distance Education

Different Paths to Success through UVM Continuing and Distance Education


At UVM Continuing and Distance Education, we understand that students come from all walks of life, with varying educational backgrounds and career goals.

That’s why we offer over 40 programs and 400 courses to help you reach those goals, whether you’re a high school student, a potential medical school applicant, or future business mogul.


Check out some of the exciting programs offered through UVM Continuing & Distance Education:

  •  Pre-College – Experience college and earn credits while still in high school. Take courses on campus or online, during the school year or while you’re on summer vacation. 
  • Certificate of Graduate Study in Epidemiology – Gain a scientific framework for analyzing health-related conditions, disease outbreak investigation, prevention and control, and research in public health with our 6-course online graduate program.
  • UVM’s Master of Public Health – Learn at your own pace from faculty with a broad range of expertise in healthcare sciences in this 42-credit, online graduate program focused on public health and policy issues, with a strong foundation in health sciences.
  •  Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program – Emerge well-prepared for professional programs in this rigorous and customized 24-credit, 1- or 2-year program designed for students with a strong academic record but lacking the science courses required for admission to medical or other health-professional schools.
  •  Summer Medical School Prep Program – If you’re to planning to apply to medical school, this 4-week program helps you prepare for the revised MCAT, practice and receive feedback on essential interviewing skills, experience formal shadowing and medical simulation center activities, all under the direction of our exceptional Medical School Teaching Academy faculty.
  •  Master of Medical Science – Enhance your academic credentials and strengthen your application to medical or other health-professional schools through this intensive 12-month program with a core curriculum that includes UVM College of Medicine courses.

Don’t forget to join us for our series of fascinating webinars hosted by the College of Medicine that promote entrepreneurship in biomedical research and help facilitate the transition from innovative ideas to actual products in the marketplace. Click here to register.