University of Vermont

A Note from Staff Council Vice President Bethany Wolfe

October 2016

Autumn Greetings! As we approach the halfway mark of this semester, I hope you are all taking some time to get outside to enjoy this beautiful Vermont fall. It won’t be long before those gorgeous orange and yellow leaves turn into white snowflakes! 

We are extremely grateful to the UVM Community for helping us celebrate another memorable Staff Appreciation Week last month, with special gratitude to President and Leslie Sullivan for their continued and heartfelt support of all our amazing staff. The Staff Art Exhibit was truly impressive and the dinner celebrating our longest term employees was a fantastic reminder of all the years of dedication and service to the university. Thank you to everyone who made the week of events joyous and wonderfully celebratory!   

This month, Staff Council is continuing our efforts of positive engagement with the larger UVM community. Efforts are underway in each of our standing committees to bring more awareness to staff about their benefits as employees, the opportunities for professional development, diversity initiatives across campus, and ways in which Staff Council can support transparent and clear communication at all levels. We want you to be informed about issues that directly impact you!

We continue to work with UVM administration to make more accessible and clear the performance review process, merit raise procedure, as well as the guidelines surrounding the yearly salary increases for non-represented staff. We are thinking about continuous, positive change for staff and looking forward to future dynamic discussions about these and other important topics.

This month also brings an opportunity for Staff Council representatives to meet during our Annual Staff Council Retreat; a great opportunity for us, as your representatives, to collectively gather ideas, discuss concerns from our peers and colleagues, and work cohesively as a team towards achieving our goals of empowerment, engagement, and REAL positive change. It is an exciting time to be part of Staff Council!

This month, we encourage you to think about the ways in which you want to be more involved on campus – whether it’s in your unit or department, or across campus in some other way. How do you want to be more involved? What initiatives and activities grab your attention? What are the challenges or barriers to your participation in these activities? Let us know - three random respondents will win a voucher for a pair of UVM athletic tickets.

Thank you for all you do for our UVM community!

Bethany Wolfe

Vice President, Staff Council