University of Vermont

A Note from President Tom Sullivan

September 2016

Welcome to the start of a new academic year! This time is so filled with excitement and energy, as the months of hard work finally pay off. We enthusiastically welcome our students to campus to begin a new year of discovery, learning, and collaboration.


I am so grateful to our fantastic staff members in every department who worked diligently to prepare a warm welcome for our students. Whether your role is highly engaged and “on the ground” with our students or you work more behind the scenes, our students are the reason we’re here, and the work that each one of you engages in everyday is critical to our students’ experience. Thank you for your dedication to excellence in every way.


In the Convocation speech on Sunday I encouraged our new first-year students to become deeply engaged in University life academically, culturally, and socially, to truly own their undergraduate experience and realize their greatest success here at UVM. The start of a new year gives all of us the opportunity to examine our individual roles on the teams of which we are a part, and to see the many ways in which our efforts feed into the collective endeavor of creating a vibrant learning environment for our students.


This university works for our students not because of the efforts of any one individual, but for the collective efforts of our dedicated staff and faculty. Whatever role each of us plays here at UVM, when we own our roles with excellence and commit to being fully engaged and making our work great, the tide of the entire University rises. Thank you for everything that every one of you are doing to make UVM the great University and community that it is.


I want to welcome the new leadership of Staff Council, president Karmen Swim and vice president Bethany Wolfe. I look forward to continuing to develop a deeply collaborative and productive working relationship with Staff Council. I am most grateful for the leadership of Staff Council as an important governance body. In mid-September, we celebrate Staff Appreciation week. It is always a joy to be able to say a heartfelt and in-person thank you to our staff each year. I look forward to seeing you there.