University of Vermont

UVM Staff Discount for Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Discount Update

How to Make the Change

It may have gone unnoticed for most UVM Staff who take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Personal Use Cell Phone discount that there was a recent increase from the previous discount of 15% to the new 18%. Verizon Wireless will not be reaching out to notify those in our discount group of the change. So we wanted to share this information.

How Do I Update My Verizon Wireless Discount?

You will need to visit the local store, located at 825 Williston Rd., So. Burlington, VT 05403 (Staples Plaza) and bring your UVM ID and identify yourself with Code: 2333212 - UVM is part of the City Of Burlington Discount Group. Staff at that store should be able to assist you. 

If you have questions Staff Council will not be able to help as these are personal accounts. Please send any questions or concerns to our UVM Rep: Todd Johnson via email at