University of Vermont

CESS Students Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking

Members of the Social Work Class Took to Church Street, Campus to Share Information Regarding Modern Day Slavery

A young woman stops to read a pamphlet on Human Trafficking on Church St.

It's hard to talk about Human Trafficking, yet after taking a course on the subject, some students were moved not only to engage in the conversation, but also to shout it from Church Street.

Dr. Susan Ryan, Executive Director of Vermont's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion, and Professor within UVM's College of Education and Social Services (CESS), taught a course this semester entitled Trafficking: Sex and Labor Trafficking of Human Beings. The course explored the different types of human trafficking that exists, its domestic and global scope, and the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma its victims and survivors, including those with disabilities, experience. Offered through CESS's department of Social Work, but open to all majors and Continuing Ed students, Trafficking: Sex and Labor Trafficking of Human beings called on its students to not only to learn, but to act. As a final project for the course, students were offered the opportunity to create and disseminate materials to spread awareness about Human Trafficking, from warning signs, to global trafficking statistics, to where to buy fair trade goods locally. Groups of students set up tables within the Davis Center, Bailey-Howe Library, and at the Church Street Marketplace to reach the community.

The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion is very proud to have supported our CESS students in Making a Difference.