University of Vermont

A Note from Staff Council President Renee Berteau

February 2016

Our Spring 2016 semester is underway, and I’m excited to share some progress on improvements in the working environment for staff.

A new system for performance appraisals is currently in the testing stages, and along with this comes the expectation that all staff will receive regular robust performance appraisal and development guidance from their supervisors. The new system will be supported via a web platform that will allow for monitoring of whether all staff are supported in development of their performance and professional goals. An associated (but no less important) part of this project is ensuring that all UVM supervisors feel they have adequate training and support to perform effective performance appraisals, and we’re currently assessing the best way to make that a reality. In addition, Staff Council will be discussing supervisory training for faculty and staff supervisors with the Council of Deans mid-semester.

Kudos to the ETS and IT personnel who guided (and are still guiding us!) in the calendar and email migration to Outlook.  This well-planned rollout resulted in a smooth transition for many staff members and the Staff Council office has heard lots of great feedback about ETS/IT support during this transition time.

This is one of the busiest times of the year as we engage in planning our initiatives for the spring and beyond. If there is something on your mind, please don’t hesitate to come to a Staff Council meeting to share challenges you or your department have identified for the Staff Council’s radar.

Recent Update 2/3/16: We've recently learned the electronic system will not be available this spring.  HRDMA is continuing to work on an improved paper form, and rollout of supervisory training around best practices for appraisals and use of the form.