University of Vermont

CDCI to Host Charlie Appelstein for a One-Day Workshop

Nationally prominent youth care specialist to teach about strength-based practice

Strength-based practice is an approach to guiding children, youth, and families that is exceptionally positive and inspiring. Its focus is on strength-building rather than flaw-fixing. It begins with the belief that every young person has or can develop strengths and utilize past successes to mitigate problem behavior and enhance academic and social functioning.

This one-day workshop will introduce some of the key principles and strategies of this transforming perspective and approach. Workshop material is relevant for anyone who works with children and youth who are at-risk or who have emotional/behavioral challenges. This will be especially useful for individuals who work in education, special education, child welfare and other human services. Participants will actively engage in the content in ways that are relevant to them. By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Defined strength-based practice and the power of positive attitude and culture

  • Explored the effects of trauma and positive emotions on the brain

  • Practiced strength-based communication principles and techniques 

  • Examined the importance of being family friendly and respecting diversity

Charlie Appelstein, M.S.W. is a nationally prominent youth care specialist and author whose primary focus is on teaching positive, strength-based theories and techniques to professionals who guide at-risk children and youth. President of Appelstein Training Resources, LLC, Charlie trains and consults throughout the United States as well as internationally, with treatment facilities, foster care associations, parent groups, schools, and juvenile justice programs. He has authored three youth care books that are widely used within the field, including No Such Thing as a Bad Kid: Understanding and Responding to the Challenging Behavior of Troubled Children and Youth. Charlie lives in southern New Hampshire with his wife and teenage daughter.


This workshop will be held on May 3rd, 2016 from 9am-4pm at the Killington Grand Hotel in Killington, Vermont.

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