University of Vermont

Promoting Mental Health in Schools

New Interdisciplinary Course Spring 2016 (HDFS 195)

Photo of Dr. Jesse Suter
Dr. Jesse Suter

A new course is being offered this spring, focusing on promoting mental health in the school system. The course will be taught by Dr. Jesse Suter, Research Assistant Professor with the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at UVM. It will meet Mondays, 5:05 - 8:05, in Votey 209.

There is growing demand for effective and evidence-based supports to promote children’s mental health. This includes promoting social/emotional/behavioral wellness, addressing challenging behaviors, and preventing school violence.

Professionals in many different fields are needed to meet this demand, and the majority of children’s mental health supports are provided in schools. Therefore it is critical that undergraduate students from different fields learn about interdisciplinary strategies for promoting
mental health of students. This course uses a public health approach to explore effective interventions that support all students, students at risk, and students with significant mental health challenges.

Who should take it?

Undergraduate students with sophomore standing and at least 6 credits in Human Development, Psychological Sciences, Special Education, Social Work,Sociology, Nursing, or a related field. Or Instructor permission. We will explore the roles of professionals in different fields and how they uniquely and collaboratively contribute to promoting student mental health.

For more information contact  the instructor Jesse Suter: