University of Vermont

Your Help Wanted: Class of 2015 Career Outcomes Survey

Has a graduating student or recent alum shared their post-graduation plans with you?

UVM’s Career Success Initiatives are continuing to expand throughout the University and now it’s time to begin looking at the results of these efforts! We see students creating 4-Year Plans for Career Success and building experience through a wide variety of activities from internships and work-study positions to campus leadership and service-learning.  Faculty and staff support for these initiatives in class, in advising, and in the workplace has been critical in building student engagement. Similarly, faculty and staff support will be key in tracking outcomes.

This information is helpful to the University in many ways:

  • Helping students to identify career choices related to their major and make meaningful connections with alumni
  • Communicating the value of a UVM degree to prospective students and their families
  • Supporting departmental accreditation and reporting
  • Providing high quality information from national surveys, publication and federal reporting.

Provost Rosowsky has underscored the importance of this effort: "Obtaining quality outcomes data is an institutional priority. As UVM devotes increasing energy and resources to improving our students' career readiness, these data are vital to demonstrating the value of a UVM education. Faculty and staff commitment is integral to the success of this campaign. Please promote student participation in the survey and document your knowledge about the next steps for the Class of 2015.”

We are asking the class of 2015 to Share their Success and we need your help with this effort.  As you work with students, please encourage them to report back to us on the 2015 Career Outcomes Survey as they land that first job or are admitted to graduate school. For a number of students, outcomes will not be clear until sometime after graduation, so please broadly encourage their future participation in the survey via email. When a member of the Class of 2015 shares their post-graduation plans with you, please complete the simple online Career Outcomes form.

The goal of all these efforts is, of course, for our students and graduates to achieve success in their next steps and this information is vital to that effort. Thank you for your part in helping the University learn more about our students’ success!