University of Vermont

A Note from President Tom Sullivan

January 2015

President Tom Sullivan. Photo by Sally McCay

As we move into the spring term, I wish to acknowledge the many crucial ways that our staff members advance academic excellence and contribute to our students’ overall experience at the University of Vermont. The outstanding commitment of the UVM staff helps thousands of students earn their degrees and achieve their goals.

Many members of our staff work regularly with students and offer critical support as academic advisors, service providers, employee supervisors, co-workers, and role models. UVM staff members care deeply about helping our students and often provide formal and informal mentoring.  From navigating systems such as financial aid or payroll to academic advising and training in technology or laboratory equipment, staff members are essential to the success of our students.

Each staff member makes invaluable contributions to the quality of this institution that benefit to all who study and work at UVM. Even staff members who work infrequently with students have an important impact on campus culture. A strong sense of community spirit and shared enterprise pervades our University thanks to the dedication of our staff. By working together and supporting each other, we all can move UVM forward in service to others.

With gratitude and warm wishes for the New Year!