University of Vermont

A Note from President Tom Sullivan

November 2014

President Tom Sullivan by Sally McCay
It Takes a University

“Vermont! Vermont! Vermont! Our University!” In the University of Vermont’s alma mater, we celebrate two central aspects of our identity as an institution: the University belongs to all of us and the University is an essential and important part of the state of Vermont.

UVM is “Our University,” because we truly come together as one to accomplish the broad range of activities that constitute our educational mission. You have heard the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This proverb emphasizes the importance of community members working together to achieve their most important goals, and it aptly applies to our common endeavors to build and advance this University. Our village – our University – relies on the many diverse talents, perspectives, and ranges of experience of the highly skilled staff. Each of you and the work you do across this campus contribute to the success of our University.

In the alma mater’s chorus “Vermont! Vermont! Vermont!” we are reminded that our University represents the state as a whole. As staff members, our contributions to the University also provide significant service to the state and to the local community. Thanks to your tireless efforts in every office, department, and unit, we offer world-class educational opportunities, new discoveries, healthcare, economic development, and numerous partnerships and services to the state and to Vermont students and students from around the world.

Thank you for all that you do for Vermont and Our University!