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The UVM Book Nook is Accepting Donations

The UVM Book Nook, located in Brennan's Pub and Bistro, at the Davis Center, is entering its 3rd year. Book donations are essential to its continued incredible success on Campus.

We seek to encourage and increase book donations from the UVM Community to the Nook and to spread the word of its existence to Faculty, Staff, and Alumni. The books are free for UVM students to adopt. It's an amazing program that feeds off of the avid readership of our scholarly student body.

Your book donation contributes directly to the strong and vibrant and beautiful UVM Community we desire for our students. And the students experience this firsthand when they discover a special book at the Book Nook.

Since it's conception in 2011, the Book Nook has tripled in size and donations are not only vital but are its only resource. You can donate books to the Book Nook by leaving them in the donation box (adjacent to the shelves in Brennan's). You can also send them by mail to The UVM Department of Student Life at the Davis Center. If you have a larger donation in mind, please contact JP Marton in advance at: to drop-off your books at the Davis Center Loading Dock. Books that hold special to meaning to you are especially welcome.

The UVM Book Nook Mission

For the past two years we've received generous donations from David Conrad (UVM Professor Emeritus) and friends at the Wake Robin Senior Community, in Shelburne, Vermont. And recently, Professor of Education David Shiman, donated books from his personal collection. Among his wonderful titles was a book on the Life and Philosophy of Fredrich Nietzsche. Ms. Johanne DiPaolo, a retired Teacher, and a UVM Continuing Education Student donated close to six hundred books. It is also very gratifying to receive books donated by students themselves.

The Book Nook is an innovative program that puts some of the World's finest Books (Classics in Fiction and Non-Fiction) in the hands of our students. The Book Nook was completely inspired by UVM students. With the guidance of Katherine Strotmeyer and Patrick Brown of the Department of Student Life, the Book Nook was established to be an oasis for the open exchange of books, knowledge, and ideas. We’ve observed an over-arching presence at UVM of personal/recreational reading outside the classroom. Most of the books at the B.N. are timeless classics and pertain to the many eclectic fields of interest and study here at UVM.

The Book Nook reflects in a marvelous way the high level of academic curiosity, rigor and passion, which can be viewed as a main feature of the type of student who chooses UVM for its educational value and as their launching pad into life.

"My dream for the Book Nook in its entirety is to eventually have it become a renowned part of the University of Vermont. The world should know what kind of special Student-Scholar chooses to come and study at UVM. Their sole purpose is not to gain a Symbol, an official document or proof of Higher Education. They come to UVM with a strong desire to learn and explore many new horizons with the belief that UVM can give them this entire educational experience." -JP. Marton, UVM Cynic, 13 October 2013

On behalf of the Book Nook, our aspiration is to make the Book Nook a venerable symbol of UVM's mission in offering its Students a well-rounded Education and a well-informed Life.

The UVM Book Nook thrives on Your Donations

“A single Book can bring immense enjoyment, instant enlightenment, and even transform your Life.” - JP. Marton [The Ethic behind the UVM Book Nook @ The Davis Center]