University of Vermont

Womyn@Noon Speaker Series


Join us for the Women's Center Fall 2014 Speaker Series.

These talks take place on Thursdays at noon at the Women's Center at 34 South Williams Street (behind Waterman).
Hot Tea and fresh cookies!
All are Welcome!


October 2 –

Let’s Talk Women’s Health and Wellness

Kate O'Malley, RN at Fletcher Allen & Vy Cao of The UVM College of Medicine Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Please join us for a talk focusing on common health problems going on today such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, digestion, skin,etc. Topics will include: optimizing athletic performance, promoting a healthy immune system, influencing restful sleep, balancing hormones, improving complexion naturally,  detoxifying your body & more.

October 9 –

Women in Action Sports: YES I RIDE "LIKE A GIRL"
Hailey Ronconi of The UVM Ski & Snowboard Club

In the current world where doing something “like a girl" is considered bad, weak, silly or humorous – we will look at why & how women are defying that statement! We will showcase & celebrate women's accomplishments in the world of action sports. We will discuss why "girl" is not a four letter word & why women's participation in action sports is crucial to the work for equity.

October 16 –

The Journey of Self-Love: Exploring and Nurturing Love Within

Briana Martin

It is a widely accepted notion that love is often an external force found outside of ourselves, this session focuses on the love each of us possess within. This workshop explores this expression of love through music, literature, art, & discussion.  Featuring work from Common, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, bell hooks, Audre Lorde & more.
"I can tell you that what you're looking for is already inside you" -Anne Lamott

October 23 –

Examining Environmental Engagements: Women and Nature-based Causes
Elizabeth Perry & Rezwana Zafar

Internationally acclaimed ecofeminist, Vandana Shiva, states the degradation

of the environment directly relates to the subordination of women. Yet, women are increasingly atthe forefront speaking out against such inequalities. Through comparative case study & guided discussion, we will consider how these issues form, how women are encouraged or discouraged from stepping forward & how we can take personal & societal responsibility for enacting positive directions forward.

October 30 –

Inside the Safety Net:  Examining the impact of the current economy on the college graduate
Jan Demers of Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity

Along with the pressures of social & academic realities, women also face present & future financial stresses.  We are seeing an increase in college educated individuals who are volunteering in and using our Food Shelves, utilizing crisis fuel, speaking with advocates at Vermont Tenants & taking training in credit repair & ways to increase financial capacity. We will discuss the impact of these economic hardships, particularly on women, what we can do should we face them & how we lend our services to help those in need.

November 6 –

Women in Engineering: Closing the Confidence Gap

Dr. Donna Rizzo of The UVM College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences & SWE

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a global organization created to provide women engineers the resources & support to achieve their full potential as leaders in their profession. We will discuss the confidence gap that impacts both women who are considering engineering careers & those already working within engineering fields.

We’ll examine women’s achievements in the field & the misconceptions that often inform this confidence gap.

November 13 –

The Healing Power of Sound & Voice

Heidi Champney of Sparkle Frequency: Nourishing Your Inner Light with Sacred Sound

We live in a world that tends to value masculine over feminine, activity over receptivity, thinking over feeling, material over spiritual. This session offers the opportunity to experience three ways of engaging with sound: Sound Bath, a time to relax into an uplifting soundscape with singing bowls, bell tones, rattles, digeridoo, and voice; Vocal Attunement, a guided meditation that engages the singing voice and the listening ear; and Sacred Chant, a practice found in cultures throughout the world, that helps us to access the higher realms of our beings.  No musical experience is necessary; all voices are welcome!

November 20 –

My Masculinity Helps

Lam Phan of The UVM ALANA Student Center

My Masculinity Helps explores the role of African American men and boys in the prevention of Sexual violence. It shows African American male allies (psychologist, professor, peer educator, attorney, pastor, athlete, middle and high school students, activists) demonstrating understanding and support for survivors of sexual violence. The film serves as a counter-narrative to often inaccurate and misleading portrayals of African American masculinity.