University of Vermont

Nursing Mothers Location Added in Waterman Building

Waterman 123D now available for Nursing Mothers to schedule

Since the spring of 2013, Staff Council has taken a more active role in advocating for the needs of Nursing Mothers at the University of Vermont. Working closely with Human Resource Services we have been able to address concerns around having appropriate spaces around campus for expressing milk or to nurse in private.

We are excited to announce that upon further collaboration with Human Resource Services, another space in Waterman has been identified for use by Nursing Mothers.

Waterman 123D, a small private conference room on the first floor down the hall directly across from the entrance to Print & Mail, can now be used as a Nursing Mothers facility.

Unlike other spaces, Waterman 123D can be scheduled through Oracle Calendar. When in Oracle, from the File menu, simply select "Open," then "Agenda" and type in "Waterman 123D" to see the schedule for the space and its availability.

In Waterman 123D, a privacy shade has been installed on the door's window and the lock changed so it can be locked from inside.

If you have questions or concerns, or find that the door is locked, please contact Human Resource Services at, 802-656-3150, or visit their offices at 228 Waterman, M - F, 8am - 4:30pm

More information about how UVM Supports Nursing Mothers in the Workplace can be found here.