University of Vermont

Staff Council Announces "Staff Connect"

Share Your Thoughts with UVM Staff Council

Staff Council is a governance body which represents and advocates for the needs and concerns of more than 1,800 staff employees* at the University of Vermont. Staff Council depends on feedback from the staff we serve in order to better advocate for their needs and effectively communicate questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions to University leaders in order to find solutions that benefit staff and the entire UVM community.

Staff Connect is one way to let Staff Council know what is on your mind so we can serve you.

What is Staff Connect and how does it work?

Staff Connect is an online tool that allows you to submit questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions to the Staff Council. If you do not have access to a computer, a printable paper form is also available.

Through Staff Connect's Online Form you must provide contact information so that Staff Council can follow up with you directly.**

Remember, you can also ask your Unit/Division or College’s Staff Council Representative to bring forward your thoughts or assist you with completing a Staff Connect submission. All submissions are reviewed by Staff Council Office staff and identifying information removed before the submission is sent to the Staff Council President and Vice President for further consideration. The Staff Council Office maintains a database of names associated with submissions to track and respond back to staff who bring forth ideas when and where possible.

* Although the Staff Council serves as the voice and advocate for all staff, it does not have the same function as Collective Bargaining Units to which some members of the UVM staff belong. Those staff who belong to UE Local 267 are not permitted to participate at the request of their union.

** UVM is subject to the Vermont Public Records Act which means all communications or documents that deal with University business are subject to disclosure unless exempted under the Act or otherwise applicable law. Unless a specific request is made of the Staff Council, your anonymity will be maintained and confidentiality ensured.