University of Vermont

UVM Geologist’s Greenland Research Gaining International Attention

A paper published in the journal Science whose lead author is from the University of Vermont has gained international attention over the past week.  

University of Vermont geologist Paul Bierman led an international team of scientists that found strong evidence that the Greenland Ice Sheet has persisted much longer than previously known, enduring through many past periods of global warming. The team, which reported its discovery in the April 17 issue of the journal, found organic soil that has been frozen to the bottom of the ice sheet for 2.7 million years.

Media coverage includes the following:

Newspapers and websites

Wall Street Journal: "Ancient Tundra Discovered under Greenland Ice Sheet"

National Public Radio: “Ancient Landscape Is Found Under 2 Miles Of Ice In Greenland

International Business Times: “Soil Frozen For 2.7 Million Years Shows 'Greenland Was Green'”

Greenwire: “Ancient ice preserves 3-million-year-old soil – study

Le Monde: "Des sédiments vieux de 2,7 millions d'années découverts sous la glace du Groenland"

NBC News: "2.7 Million-Year-Old Soil Found Deep Beneath Greenland's Ice" "2.7-Million-Year-Old Forested Landscape Discovered under Greenland Ice Sheet"

R&D: "Researchers find 3-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland Ice Sheet."

Live Science: "Old as Dirt: 2.7-Million-Year-Old Soil Found Under Ice"

Yahoo News: "Old as Dirt: 2.7-Million-Year-Old Soil Found Under Ice" "There's something ancient in the icebox"

Arctic Info (Russian language site): "Age of Greenland ice sheet exceeds 2.7 million years"

News Tonight Africa "U.S. Geologists Discover Preglacial Terrain Supporting Evidence for Greenland’s Past"

Vermont media

Vermont Public Radio: "Greenland's Ice Yields New Information About Climate Shifts"

Government and university websites

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory News: "Lab researcher discovers the green in Greenland"

University of California, Santa Barbara: "There's Something Ancient in the Icebox"

National Science Foundation: "Frozen in time: Three-million-year-old landscape still exists beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet"

NASA homepage: "Researchers Find 3-million-year-old Landscape Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet"