University of Vermont

Adjustments to the University Benefits Calendar for Faculty and Staff

Benefits Coverage to Align with Calendar Year; Benefits Expo Moving to Fall

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The plan year for all benefits coverage (medical, dental, life, etc.) is being adjusted to align with the calendar year. This realignment results in several positive outcomes:

  • The benefits plan year for ALL benefits will now be January through December, simplifying details and schedules for everyone. There will no longer be confusion about whether plan years and deductibles begin in January or July—they will all begin in January.
  • Open enrollment for ALL benefits will now be in November. This will bring the enrollment period for Flexible Spending Accounts into the same time frame as enrollment for other benefits.
  • Future coverage changes and cost increases will be announced in the fall to begin on January 1, the time when many individuals and families are naturally thinking about their annual budget.

Since some individuals may wish to add, drop or change benefits coverage before November, the month of May will still be an open enrollment month for 2014 only. Those who wish to make a benefits change before November must do so between May 1 and May 30, (unless taking advantage of the 20-day period following a qualifying life event). Changes made in May this year will take effect on July 1.

As a result of this change to the calendar, the Benefits Expo typically held at the end of April has been rescheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 4 in the Davis Center. The Expo will coincide with the new benefits open enrollment period this fall that will run from November 3 through 26.

Human Resource Services will publish benefits information during the last week of April, communicating details about changes that can be made during the month of May. HRS staff will be available to answer questions and assist in filling out forms via e-mail at, by phone at 656-3150, and face-to-face in Waterman 228.

The extensive benefits publication normally published in April will be published in late October. Questions may be directed via e-Mail to