University of Vermont

Ukraine Teach-In Rescheduled for March 26

Originally scheduled for March 12, a teach-in on Ukraine and the Crimean crisis will take place Wednesday, March 26 at 4 p.m. in John Dewey Lounge, Old Mill.

A panel of UVM experts will provide an overview of the Maidan Revolution and responses to it both within and beyond Ukraine. Among the questions to be addressed:  Who are the Maidan revolutionaries, and what are their goals? How did they succeed in removing a president who seemed so entrenched? What have been the roles of social media, student organizations, and previously unknown political groupings on the right and the left in these events? What are the interests of Russia, the E.U., the U.S. and other governments in these events, and how have each of these groups responded to developments in recent days? What is going on in Crimea and in other parts of Ukraine right now?

The panel will include anthropologist Jennifer Dickinson, environmental and cultural scholar Adrian Ivakhiv, Russia scholar Kevin McKenna, and post-Soviet politics expert Michele Commercio. Denise Youngblood, professor of history, will moderate.

Information: (802) 656-1096.