University of Vermont

December Commencement Staff Graduates

Congratulations to our Staff Colleagues!

It is never too late to acknowledge the achievements our colleagues have made academically while working at the University of Vermont!

Staff Council would like to congratulate all those staff members who graduated at the December 2013 Commencement Ceremony. We commend you on your dedication to your studies while acknowledging your service to the University. Congratulations!

  • Maria Avila from Pediatric Nursing
    Ph.D. -  Education Leadership and Policy Studies
    Certificate of Graduate Study – Interdisciplinary Study of Disabilities – Graduate College

  • Katherine Balas from Psychiatry received two degrees
    B.S. – Neuroscience
    B.A. - Psychology

  • Travis Bartlett from Enterprise Technology Services
    B.A. – Psychology - College of Arts and Sciences

  • Thomas Buttolph III from Neurological Sciences
    B.S.  – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Chelsea Carman from Surgical Oncology
    Certificate of Graduate Study – Public Health  - Graduate College

  • Ashley Clark from Faculty Senate
    Master of Public Administration

  • Christine Dornbierer from Vermont Genetics Network
    Certificate of Graduate Study  - Public Health – Graduate College  

  • Alan French from Psychiatry
    Master of Science in Counseling

  • Jay Gonyea from Radiology
    Master of Science – Clinical and Translational Science

  • Samantha Kern from Psychiatry
    B.S. Computer Science – College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

  • Julie Paris from Surgery
    Master of Public Administration

  • Elizabeth Ruggieri  from Psychiatry
    B.A. – College of Arts and Sciences

  • Brittany Stevens from Student Financial Services
    B.A.  – College of Arts and Sciences

  • Morgan Tromblee from Psychiatry
    B.A.  – College of Arts and Sciences

  • Mandy Wooster from Police Services
    B.A.  – College of Arts and Sciences