University of Vermont

Survey Gives Students a Voice in the Future of UVM

First-year UVM students and seniors will receive emails today inviting them to complete the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). The 15-minute, confidential questionnaire is aimed at assessing student engagement in educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development.

Those who complete the survey will be eligible to win one of eight UVM Bookstore gift cards worth $200 each.

The University of Vermont, which has participated in the survey every three years since 2002, uses the information gathered by the questionnaire to improve the quality of UVM programs and academic initatives.

One highly visible example of initiatives created, in part, out of feedback from the survey is UVM’s Career + Experience Hub in the Davis Center, a clearinghouse for students looking for hands-on learning experiences and career-oriented advice that will help them become more focused and engaged students better prepared to pursue a career or graduate school after graduation. Since its opening in the fall, the Hub has served 2,000 individuals over the course of 3,000 visits.

“By completing this survey,” says John Ryan, director of the Office of Institutional Research, “students have the opportunity to make their voice heard to improve the value of their educational experience.”

The questionnaire collects information in five categories:

  • participation in dozens of educationally purposeful activities
  • institutional requirements and the challenging nature of coursework
  • perceptions of the college environment
  • estimates of educational and personal growth since starting college
  • background and demographic information.

Students must complete the survey, using the link they receive by email, by March 24.

Learn more on the NSSE website, or email