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UVM Supports Nursing Mothers on Campus

Lactation Rooms Are an Integral Part of the University's Commitment

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As part of the University's commitment to meet the needs of its students, faculty and staff, facilites for nursing mothers have been identified in several places across campus. Each of the locations provides private space where nursing mothers are welcome to pump or nurse. Rooms are equipped with appropriate signage, a comfortable chair, a small table and an electrical outlet. See the list of lactation rooms along with directions and building maps. More rooms are being identified and will be added to the list as they become available.

Women who are nursing and do not have a designated room or private space easily accessible to them are encouraged to work with their supervisor or dean's office to find an appropriate private space within their own building, if such a space exists. According to State law, the room shall not be a bathroom stall or a storage area and must have a lock on the door.

Human Resource Services encourages supervisors to designate a particular room in their building as a nursing mother's room, if and when they are able to identify such a space. If you have a nursing mother's room in your building that you would like to have added to the published list of lactation rooms, please e-mail

Women who are nursing/pumping or considering doing so in the foreseeable future are encouraged to:

Individuals weighing the relative merits of encouraging mothers to breastfeed after returning to work/school may be interested to know that breastfeeding leads to improved health and cost savings—both at home and at the University. Among other positive outcomes, research has shown that breastfeeding:

  • Provides the best nutrition for babies
  • Conserves financial resources that may be invested elsewhere
  • Avoids the health risks associated with formula feeding
  • Results in fewer work/school hours missed because breastfed babies are sick less

For more information, see the Nursing Mothers page on the HRS website. Questions? e-Mail