University of Vermont

UVM Staff Emergency Loan Fund Updated

Loan Amount Limit Increased to $400

Established by the Staff Council in 1993, the Staff Emergency Loan Fund (SELF) is a program administered through the Staff Council Office that provides interest free loans to staff member experiencing unexpected financial difficulties. These loans are then paid back through automatic payroll deduction from the staff member's pay check over 10 pay periods.

Since its inception, SELF has helped hundreds of staff members when they had no where else to turn to get money fast to pay for heating fuel, patch a leaking roof, repair a broken car, replace a hot water tank, and so much more.

In the Fall of 2013, the procedures managing SELF were updated to reflect recent administrative changes due to the restructure that took place at UVM on July 1, 2013. As a result of this update it was decided that beginning on January 1, 2014 the loan amount limit for SELF would increase to $400 which will allow staff members to better cover increasing costs associated with various emergency situations.

If you or a staff colleague are experiencing an emergency and need funds to help you get back on track quickly, please consider the assistance of SELF. You can find more information about SELF and access an application here.

Here are what a few staff members who have recived a loan have to say about the Staff Emergency Loan Fund program.

"The Staff Emergency Load Fund was such a great help when I found that I needed both dental work and had to replace two of my vehicle's tires in the same week. I would have been in a very difficult position having to choose between being able to drive to work or being in pain from needed dental work. I am grateful that the SELF is available for staff when we find ourselves in these kinds of financial crunches."

"When my father passed away, I found myself in need of money so I could drive back  with my children to my hometown to be with my family and attend the funeral service. The Staff Emergency Loan Fund was there for me and made all the difference. It was easy and the Staff Council Office staff were so considerate and understanding. I am forever grateful."

"Getting a loan from the Staff Emergency Loan Fund felt like a life-saving event, suddenly letting me breath again, not too mention allowing me to focus on other important issues, such as my work! Being granted the ability to pay for an unplanned, and unavoidable, expense felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. Simply knowing this program exists as a potential safety net allows me to breath easier - not only for myself but all staff at UVM."

Contribute to the Staff Emergency Loan Fund and help a colleague in need!

Did you know you can also make a tax deductible donation to SELF through voluntary payroll deducation in Peoplesoft or by sending a check to the UVM Foundation. It's easy!

Voluntary Payroll Deduction through Peoplesoft:
  1. Go to the PeopleSoft Portal page:
  2. Login to the Human Resources site
  3. Select the Self-Service
  4. Under Payroll and Compensation, Select Voluntary Deductions
  5. Click on the yellow button, Add Deduction
  6. To the Right of the Type of Deduction, click on the magnifying glass to Search... one of the options will be, "Staff Emergency Loan Donation"
  7. Enter the amount you want to have deducted, as a percentage or flat amount, the start and stop dates, etc.
One Time Donation:

Simply send a check payable to UVM-Staff Emergency Loan Fund to:

UVM Foundation
Grasse Mount Bldg
411 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405

If you would like to learn more about the Staff Emergency Loan Fund (SELF), please visit the SELF webpage or contact the Staff Council Office at or 802-656-4493.