University of Vermont

More Than 80 4-H'ers Compete In 4-H Dairy Challenge at UVM

Burlington--The annual Vermont 4-H Dairy Challenge, held Nov. 17 at the University of Vermont (UVM) in Burlington, provided a fun opportunity for Vermont 4-H club members, ages 8 to 18, to test their dairy knowledge.

The event, hosted by UVM Extension, consisted of four learning sessions, followed by a written test. This year's categories were forages, the anatomy of the hoof, farm safety and nutrition-linked diseases in dairy cattle. A total of 83 4-H'ers participated, a record number in recent years.

The top 10 winners in each age group, listed in order of placement were:

8- and 9-year-olds: Michael Plouffe, Bridport; Charlie Haynes, East Montpelier; Lila Beckwith, Woodstock; Abigail Carson, Newbury; Charlotte Newnan, Reading; Liam Wagner, Bridport; Taryn Cottrell, Clarendon; Lincoln Michaud, East Hardwick; Crosse Gariboldi, East Montpelier; Haley Michaud, Hardwick.

Other participants in this age group, listed alphabetically, included Quincy Boardman, Bakersfield; Sadie Ellner, Morrisville; Casey Patch, Clarendon; Cody Trudeau, Hardwick; Lorryn Trujillo, Pittsford; Alexandra Williams, Orwell.

10- and 11-year-olds: Alexis Farr, Richmond; Julianne Williams, Orwell; Caroline Kirby, East Montpelier; Elle Bissell, Richmond; Lucy Kelley, Morrisville; Calvin Seward, Wallingford; Adele Biasini, Morrisville; Keenan Thygesen, Tunbridge;  Adam Messier, Braintree; Sarah Howe, Tunbridge.

Also participating: Karrie Ayer, Ferrisburgh; Ethan Bessette, Williston; Katherine Blakely, Barre; Ben Boutin, Richmond; Ryan Flanders, Clarendon; Sarah Flanders, Clarendon; Carmen Gallagher, East Montpelier; Payton Gariboldi, East Montpelier; Hunter Michaud, Hardwick; Caleb Palazzo, Reading; Mckenna Phillips, Bridport; Elizabeth Porter, Starksboro; Luke Sheldrick, Brandon; Logan Trombley, Pittsford; Evelyn Trujillo, Pittsford.

12- and 13-year-olds: Lilli Seward, East Wallingford; Abagail Hurd, Hardwick; Abigail Armstrong, Granville, N.Y.; Kennedy Moore, Reading; Virginia Patz, Shoreham; Tamara Tyminski, Wallingford; Isabel Hall, East Montpelier; Lily Parker, East Montpelier; Justin Thurber, Barre; Michael Jewett, Vergennes.

Also participating: Emily Carson, Newbury; Seth Carson, Newbury; Chris Elrick, East Wallingford; Hope Ferris, Jeffersonville; Kassidy Niklasson, Mount Holly; Eliza Mabey, South Royalton; Averi Salley, Ferrisburgh; Zack Ames, West Rutland; Aislynn Farr, Richmond.

14 to 18-year-olds: Jake Senecal, Bradford; Courtney Banach, South Burlington; Miquelle Thurber, Barre; Brooke Aicher, Shelburne; Dacey Anechiarico, Whiting; Katherine Elderd, Tunbridge; Maggie Kirby, East Montpelier and Callie Bushee, East Wallingford (TIE); Tara Collins, Fairlee; Jordan Hubbell, Shoreham; Shelby Biasini, Morrisville.

Also participating: Seth Browe, Pawlet; Rachael Burt, Bridport; Peter Carrara, Proctor; Tim Carson, Newbury; Morgan Conant, Randolph; Ben Maille, Shelburne; Bethany Orvis, Middlebury; Thomas Parker, East Montpelier; Ethan Sawsville, Waltham; Andrew Seward, East Wallingford; Leah Titus, Reading; Isabella Williams, Orwell.

Contact Wendy Sorrell, UVM Extension 4-H livestock educator, at (802) 656-5418 or (800) 571-0668, ext. 2 (within Vermont) to learn more about the 4-H dairy program.