University of Vermont

A Note From UVM President Tom Sullivan

November 2013

President Tom Sullivan
President Tom Sullivan Photo by Sally McCay

On November 11 we celebrate Veterans Day. The University of Vermont is proud to be the academic home for many veterans. We have veterans working on our staff and faculty across campus from the Physical Plant to the Executive Offices and from Nursing to the Bailey-Howe Library.  Many of these veterans have served UVM for decades.  Nearly seventy student veterans are enrolled at all levels of the University in diverse disciplines from Electrical Engineering to English.  Recently, David Carlson, a Marine and UVM alumnus, joined our staff as the Coordinator of Student Veteran Services to help support our student veterans on campus.

As many of you know, this University has a long tradition of military service.  During the War of 1812, UVM buildings were used as barracks for troops guarding the Canada-United States frontier.  The ROTC program was established nearly a century ago at UVM in 1916 with the passage of the National Defense Act.  Today, we continue these time-honored traditions with our ROTC curriculum and our programs and courses that support student veterans and returning veterans in our community.

On November 11, we look forward to recognizing our honored veterans on campus and to remembering those who have died in the Armed Forces since 9/11.  In addition to our participation in the National Remembrance Roll Call and other observations throughout the day, I will be hosting a luncheon to recognize all UVM veterans in our campus community.  I hope each of you will find an opportunity to participate in Veterans Day and to recognize those who have served all of us in the United States Armed Forces.