University of Vermont

Professional News: Oct. 16, 2013

Publications and Presentations

Earthworms lock up more carbon in soils than they release as carbon dioxide, according to a study published in Nature Communications this week. Deborah Neher, chair of the UVM Deparment of Plant and Soil Science, is a co-author on the new study. This finding contradicts recent claims that earthworm presence in soils leads to a substantial increase in carbon dioxide emissions. See this UVM Today story about other earthworm research at UVM.

Professor Garrison Nelson's book, Pathways to the Supreme Court: From the Arena to the Monastery, will be released Dec. 18. The book is the basis for the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Lecture, "The Court Transformed: How It Happened and Why It Matters," that Nelson delivered at UVM Oct. 1 and the Constitution Day Lecture he presented at Loyola-Baltimore Sept. 17. He'll speak on the topic again Oct. 21 when he delivers the Pi Sigma Alpha Lecture at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. On Oct. 15, Nelson gave the keynote address to the Congress-to-Campus symposium at Rhode Island College in Providence. That talk was titled "A Governing Crisis: When It Happened, How It Happened, and Why It Happened." In November, NECN will broadcast a show featuring Nelson on the subject of the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.