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Students Encourage Support for VT Legislative Research Service

Class Impact 2013: What Shaped You?

VLRS Shaped Me

In answer to the question, "What shaped you?", students who spent the semester writing non-partisan policy briefs for the Vermont legislature answered, "VLRS!"

Student interns in the James M. Jeffords Center's Vermont Legislative Research Service (VLRS) were so enthusiastic about their experience, that they created a video encouraging donations to VLRS throught the 2013 class gift.  VLRS is an exceptional service-learning program for undergraduate students and is offered within the Political Science Department.  This internship program has helped prepare more than 100 students for real-world jobs, many of which were careers in public policy.

Numerous studies have shown that undergraduates that partake in service learning are more likely to become civically engaged as an adult. This unique service learning internship program not only benefits the students, but also Vermont legislators by providing non-partisan policy reports on topics they request. Vermont’s legislature has the smallest number of staff members during the legislative session than any other state. While that staff does an excellent job handling the legislature’s accounting and bill drafting needs, the staffing agencies do not have the personnel needed to provide the types of information on policy issues that legislators seek during their deliberations and decision making. VLRS fills this void by producing, at low-cost, non-partisan policy research reports for legislators, while providing incredibly valuable educational opportunities for undergraduate students of the University of Vermont.

By donating to VLRS through the class gift, you will help continue this exceptional experience for future political science students, increasing the effectiveness of policy making in Vermont, and strengthening the relationship between UVM and the legislature.  

No matter what size donation you are able to give, please visit, select VT Legislative Research Service from the “Give to Your Club/Org” option and help VLRS continue its educational mission while servicing the Vermont legislature.