University of Vermont

Color Guard Performs at UVM Sporting Events

Within the Green Mountain Battalion, Color Guard has long been a crucial extracurricular activity for cadets. As a member of the Color Guard team, cadets are responsible for presenting the national colors in a dignified manner at selected events. Throughout the academic year, cadets present the national colors at various sporting events, battalion ceremonies, and university events. These recently included UVM hockey and basketball games, a University Veteran’s Day ceremony, and the battalion’s dining in ceremony.

          First year cadets participated in color guard practice weekly, led by CDT Adam Bottini along with other MSII cadets and SFC Casto. During practice, cadets receive training in drill and ceremony as well as military discipline and bearing. Cadets are taught how to properly execute drill and ceremonies, as well as how properly present the national colors in a variety of settings.

          Participation in the Green Mountain Battalion’s color guard is significant in developing cadets by instilling knowledge, professionalism, discipline and teamwork. Through public events such as hockey games, the color guard team displays their professionalism and pride to the public while presenting the nations colors during the national anthem.