University of Vermont

Professional News: Jan. 16, 2013

Awards and Honors

Carol Buck Rolland, associate professor of nursing, received a two-year, $699,972 Health Resources and Services Administration Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship grant. Buck-Rolland serves as project director of the grant, which helps support UVM nurse practitioner students.

Publications and Presentations

Domenico Grasso, vice president for research and dean of the Graduate College, was a keynote speaker at Engineers Without Borders Canada’s annual conference, “Class of 2016: What’s possible in a generation of systemic change, ” held Jan. 12-13 in Calgary, Alberta. Grasso spoke as part of the conference’s Global Engineering Symposium on the challenges of educating the 21st century engineer.

Stephen Higgins, professor of psychiatry, and Stacey Sigmon, associate professor of psychiatry, are co-editors and contributors to a special supplement to the November 2012 issue of the journal Preventive Medicine on Incentives and Health. The supplement is devoted to a review of the scientific evidence on the use of modest financial incentives for promoting health – a model developed by Higgins that is founded on the use of small monetary rewards in exchange for healthy behavior compliance. This low-cost approach has been successfully applied to reinforce a variety of healthy behaviors in studies and public health initiatives around the world. In addition to Higgins and Sigmon, UVM contributors to the special supplement include Philip Ades, professor of medicine; Ira Bernstein, professor and chair of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences; Diann Gaalema, assistant professor of psychiatry; Hugh Garavan, associate professor of psychiatry; Sarah Heil, assistant professor of psychiatry; Evan Hermann, predoctoral fellow in psychiatry; Tara M. Higgins, first-year medical student; Mollie Patrick, predoctoral fellow in psychiatry; Laura Solomon, professor of family medicine and psychology emerita; and Karen Weierstall, research project assistant in psychiatry.