University of Vermont

CS 195 - Hands On Robotics

Fall 2008: CS 195 - Hands On Robotics
  • Baldur, the BiPed Robot Baldur, the BiPed Robot
    JoyLee Flahive, Joshua Miner, Samir Omerovic and Ben Symonds created a biped walker controlled using two NXT bricks connected via Bluetooth on a Mac running Windows XP.
  • The Barista The Barista
    Jared Model, Steve Brooks, Matt Bansak and Conor Dow created "The Barista," a Lego Mindstorm robot designed for the purpose of refilling drinks at a cafe.
  • Guitar Hero 2.0 Guitar Hero: 2.0
    Team Alpha Wolf Squadron — Simone Willett, Travis Rohlin, Ken Austin, Jon Paquette — created a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot that uses LeJOS to play Guitar Hero.
  • Robo Pup Robo Pup
    Mike Garnsey, Russ Hirschorn, Caleb Searles and Craig Nally made a robot dog with Lego Mindstorms that follows, obeys remote controls and plays in "dog" mode.
  • Wii Control Wii Control
    Thomas Stirling, Joel Blouin, Ryan Mannigan and Glenn Rachlin designed a robot to take commmands via Bluetooth through a Nintendo Wiimote.