University of Vermont

CS 195 - Hands On Robotics

Fall 2009: CS 195 - Hands On Robotics
  • Mindstorms Strikeout BaseballMindstorms Strikeout Baseball
    Mark Cooper, Shawn Bonneau and Mike Wheeler had fun implementing a baseball game that uses two independent Lego Mindstorm bricks — one for the pitcher, one for the batter.
  • Egg-Sorting RobotEgg-Sorting Robot
    Chris Swanson, Wiliam Purcell and Jorge Logan Arias explored factory automation with their egg sorter.
  • NXJ Piano PlayerNXJ Piano Player
    Bernadette Gill, Noah White-Hammerslough and Al Harnisch taught their Lego Mindstorm to play the keyboard.
  • RecycleBotRecycleBot
    Austin Emmons, Borja Garcia Sanchez and Naomi Pollica created a robot that sorts recyclables.
  • RoverRover
    Ron Magnuson, Phil Plourde and Evan Selleck created a robot that is controlled using a Wii remote and wireless internet signals; both the robot and the controlling computer have webcams.