University of Vermont

China's New Leadership and Vermont Students

Discussion at the StarTalk Winter Reunion provided StarTalk Vermont students to see how China is changing

Dr. Jeufei Wang standing in front of an image of China's new seven leaders

The inaugural StarTalk Winter Reunion provided the first ever cohort of StarTalk Vermont students to brush up on their Chinese language skills that the developed in a one-week intensive language summer camp at UVM. StarTalk teacher Tong Chen, a Chinese language teacher at Leland and Gray, lead the students through simple numbers and letters, allowing the students a chance to warm up their language skills before delving into full sentences with StarTalk teachers Nan Hyde and Wang Ping. The Winter Reunion also provided the students with a chance to understand how China, under its new leadership, is a very different China.

The discussion on China’s new leadership was made by Dr. Juefei Wang, UVM Professor of Education Emeritus and Program Director of the Freeman Foundation, and was moderated by Mr. Jim Avery, Principal of Otter Valley High School and program director of the Institute on China and Its Cultures. The discussion, which was open to students, educators, and members of the community, addressed issues facing the new leadership group of China with Xi Jinping as the leader. Dr. Wang led the group through a powerpoint of images and recent stories that examined the new government's commitment to change, and how certain changes being adopted by the new government were being embraced by the Chinese.

The reunion concluded with a discussion on future opportunities to learn and practice the Chinese language, as to future opportunities to work for StarTalk Vermont in the summer of 2013.