University of Vermont

UVM Receives Record Number of Early Applications

UVM received a record number of early applications for the fall of 2013, 11,672, a nine percent increase over last year. Students submitting early applications had a November 1 deadline with a notification of admission by mid-December. UVM's early application option is non-binding, meaning that students have until May 1 to make their college choice.

"This wasn't a big surprise for us,” said director of admissions Beth Wiser. “Our admissions staff were seeing large numbers of students interested in UVM during visits to high schools and college fairs last spring and this fall. The feedback about UVM has been very positive by students who have visited campus this summer and fall." 

Under the leadership of new president Tom Sullivan, UVM also made a commitment to waive the application fee for all early applicants this year as a small symbol of reducing the cost of applying to college. This practice has been in place for many years for Vermont residents and for selected out-of-state students.

 There was some feeling that applications would be down this year based on the impact Hurricane Sandy had with the closing of schools and electricity being out for extended periods.  Wiser explained that her staff were very flexible.  "We extended our November 1 deadline to provide students additional time, and we worked closely with the high schools staffs to receive student credentials in order to complete the file for review."