University of Vermont

A Note from University President Tom Sullivan

January 2013

President Tom Sullivan
President Tom Sullivan. Photo by Sally McCay

Happy New Year to all!

As we set personal goals for the New Year, please join me in setting a common resolution for the University community: let’s resolve to advance UVM by continuing to prioritize our guiding values and principles. At UVM, our dedication to Our Common Ground distinguishes us as an institution that seeks to create an inclusive environment in which everyone is treated with respect and that truly values all people as individuals.

By focusing on Our Common Ground, we promote integrity, justice, fairness, and responsibility on our campus, but also in our relationships with the local community, our business practices with other organizations, and our environmental policies. For example, staff members in offices across campus and in every part of the University workforce all contribute to the composting effort that diverts over 9 tons of food waste from the landfill each week.

As we continue to prioritize our common values, I know we will only increase our considerable charitable contributions. Each year since 2003, our staff has donated more funds to the United Way. Last year, UVM gave a total of $146,215 to this important organization. Both the Staff Council Holiday Bazaar and the UVM Community Holiday Party generate significant donations to local food banks each year. I am fortunate to work with colleagues who generously reach out to the larger community. I look forward to the on-going expansion of Our Common Ground beyond the University and setting new records of giving with you in the coming year.

All my very best to each of you in the New Year!