University of Vermont

How to Make Puang-Ma-Hod

Visiting Scholar creates How-To Guide for making beautiful Thai art

Nattida helping students make Puang-Ma-Hod at Vermont International Festival.

As visitors entered the Vermont International Festival, they would pass by children holding beautiful paper crafts that looked like a mixture of paper jellyfish and cascading flowers. The source of the beautiful paper art creations was the Thai arts and crafts table, where four Visiting Scholars were busy showing students how to make tradiational Thai crafts.

"These are called Puang-Ma-Hod, which means cascading flowers in Thai," explained Visiting Scholar Nattida. The popular art project in Thailand is becoming a popular art project in Vermont as teachers and students alike are drawn to the delicate and beautiful nature of the cascading flowers.

Noticing the interest in Puang-Ma-Hod, Nattida created a step-by-step guide for Vermont teachers who are interested in bringing this workshop to their classroom. This activity is perfect for students in grades 2-6, or for people all ages who love beautiful art. To view the directions, please visit the Puang-Ma-Hod instruction page.

Visiting Scholar Nattida has been a Visiting Scholar at Montpelier High School since September, sharing her Thai culture and history with hundreds of students and teachers. If you would like more information on hosting a Visiting Scholar, please contact Bill Williams.