University of Vermont

Loi Krathong Festival at Hinesburg Community School

Visiting Scholar Nina and Hinesburg Community School Principal at Loi Krathong Celebration

On Friday, November 16th, Visiting Scholar Nina hosted a school-wide Thai "Loi Krathong" Celebration for all the students, staff and members of the community.

The event began with several 7th and 8th grade students performing "Khon Rao Ruk Gun Yark" on Thai flutes. This was followed by 1st graders singing a Thai greeting song, "Sawadee Ka", and 2nd graders singing the "Chang Chang Chang" elephant song.

"The most amazing part of the whole celebration was that it included all the students at Hinesburg Community School." commented ASOP Director Bill Williams, noting that the principal and some of the staff members were dressed in traditional Thai clothing for the celebration. 

The celebration also included 3rd graders singing the Thai version of the Loi Krathong song, 4th graders dancing to the English version of the Loi Krathong song, and a Thai fashion show by 5th and 6th grade students.

Loi Krathong takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. In the western calendar this usually falls in November. Loi literally means 'to float,' while krathong refers to the lotus-shaped receptacle which can float on the water. Hinesburg students created krathongs to decorate the stage for the celebration.

The celebration concluded with Kru Nina leading the audience in traditional Thai dance.

Hinesburg Community School is a PreK through 8th grade school, located in Hinesburg, Vermont.