University of Vermont

Message from President Sullivan Regarding Hurricane Sandy

The following is a message sent from UVM President Tom Sullivan to the university community Nov. 2:

The magnitude of devastation along the east coast from Hurricane Sandy is almost unimaginable.  The University of Vermont community stands ready to do what we can to assist those who have been impacted by this disaster. Although Vermont avoided a serious blow from Sandy, we clearly know how much Tropical Storm Irene forever changed our State and that the recovery process takes many months and continues even now. Sandy’s aftermath is even more widespread and serious.

The University of Vermont attracts a large number of students from hard hit areas and many members of our community have family and friends in the impacted areas. We need to make sure that we do everything possible to provide assistance to our students and other members of our community who are dealing with the multitude of issues that they and their families are facing. Below is a list of support services available on campus. I encourage you, if you learn of a student or other member of our community directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, to make them aware of support services available, including:

We all want to find a way to assist those directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. There are countless ways that we can help, but what is clear is that financial resources are most needed at this time. Here are but a few of the many opportunities, and I want to encourage those who want to help to consider making a financial donation:

As a University, we extend our thoughts, support, and best wishes to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.